Federal Executive Board presents:
"Secrets of a More Productive Day"

 This session is designed SPECIFICALLY for: 

Senior Managers, Middle Managers and Superintendents who have TOO MUCH TO DO...

                                         ...and NEED TO GET MORE TIME.

You will learn the tools, mindset and practices to improve your daily productivity by 20% or more every day. You will learn how to regain 30 minutes. EVERY DAY.

30 minutes to focus on your priorities. 30 minutes to beat traffic home. 30 minutes to help an employee through a challenge she is facing. 30 minutes to each lunch. 30 minutes to exercise.

What do YOU need 30 minutes for?

In this session you will learn the exact strategies AND tactics the most productive leaders use to Master Time Management, Get Things Done, and Be Better Leaders.

Managing email, attending meetings, planning projects… these are all the types of work our clients say they need to do more effectively and more efficiently.

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How to Master Time, Get Things Done, and Be a Better Leader

"Jason is a most inspirational speaker and business consultant. He has the ability to usefully link work and life when engaging his clients and audience in helping them plan to achieve their goals and desires.  I have and continue to recommend him to any client/leader looking to become more efficient and productive."
MICHEL KOOPMAN, CEO, GetAbstract, Inc.

“Jason Womack has emerged as a new and exciting voice in the world of professional development. YOUR BEST JUST GOT BETTER offers an action-oriented and powerful set of resources leaders can use to improve themselves and help others achieve their greater potential.”

Daniel Pink - TED.com speaker and best selling author of "Drive" and "To Sell is Human"

A Seminar For All Skill Levels

This "ADVANCED TIME MANAGEMENT" course consists of information for people of all skill levels whether you’ve been leading for years or if you’ve recently been promoted to manage a team.

This program will benefit you and dramatically transform your TIME MANAGEMENT skills. You'll be more efficient, more effective and more productive every day.


A Seminar Based On Experience

This program is based on 19 years of experience. Jason Womack has worked one-on-one with hundreds of leaders as their personal, executive coach. He has presented more than 2,200 programs based on the information in his books, Get Momentum: How to Start When You're Stuck (Wiley, 2016) and Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More (Wiley, 2012).


A Word From Your Coach

“ I love helping busy managers regain their time; and, I take special pride in being your coach. Together, we can improve your workplace  performance. I want you to get momentum on what's important to you. That’s what this program is about. This workshop will teach TIME MANAGEMENT best practices to ANYONE who wants to be better.”